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What is Ekluv?​

Ekluv (pronounced Ek-luv) is a dating app helping those feeling alone find their one true love, by making dating simple and easy.


The name Ekluv is a hybrid between 2 languages; Gujarati (spoken in western India) and English:

  • 'Ek' in Gujarati means 'one'.

  • 'luv' is the colloquial spelling of 'love'.

  • Hence, the coined up word 'Ekluv' means 'one love'.

  • The word 'Eklu' in Gujarati means 'alone' or 'single' hence, our mission of helping those feeling alone find their one true love.

Why should I use Ekluv instead of other relationship apps?

We want to bring people together by providing you with a great experience.  No other relationship or dating platform offers what Ekluv does.  Ekluv is a long term relationship platform that:

  • Reduces frustrations and wasted time.  We hate when you don't know the important things about a person before you start chatting with them.  What are their dietary preferences?  What languages do they speak?  Are they open to marriage and children?  We have informative and detailed profiles so you can find that 1 person you're looking for.

  • Is personalised.  We don't have any complicated algorithms that might hide people from you.  The preferences you set, shows you the people you want to see.

  • Is simple.  We don't offer 10's of different subscription tiers like others do where you have to pay on-top of what you've already subscribed to, so you can unlock even more features.  Our subscription tiers are duration based and they all unlock the same features

  • Is trustworthy.  We're transparent on how we use every piece of profile information you upload to our platform.  You're in control of your data and can delete your profile at any time.

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